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Does sustainability really pay?

According to a new Bain report that analysed Rabobank business lending clients, they found a substantially lower credit risk among the companies that perform well on ESG dimensions.

The report goes on to say:

'Recent developments in capital markets also indicate a relationship between sustainability and share price performance. Stocks with higher ESG ratings have outperformed the market and shown greater resilience, a correlation that has persisted through the Covid-19 pandemic.'

There are lots of factors that impact your ESG ratings but had you considered that your employee benefits could be one?

Bringing employees along the sustainability journey is a hugely important element of a much larger commitment to ESG.

Given the above report it is clear that instead of being seen as 'fluffy' or 'nice' it should be considered an integral part of the commercial agenda.

PLANTS + PERKS can help your organisation achieve their overall ESG goals and turn that commitment into financial success.

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