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How to support employees through the cost of living crisis

With costs spiralling all around, it can be hard to find innovative ways to boost employee morale beyond blanket pay rises for all.

A starting point could be introducing financial wellbeing measures as a way to help employees manage their personal finances better, or reminding them of the great benefits they can already take advantage of- like eyecare vouchers or cycle to work schemes.

However, more and more, here at PLANTS + PERKS, we are seeing employees seeking new strategies to help support them through increased energy bills and mortgage hikes that don't take away from a desire to help protect the planet.

Giving employees access to free samples, free weekly meals, reductions on food products and hints and tips on how to cook cheaply and more sustainably can really help underpin other strategies to support employees feeling the pinch.

Why not get the team to come down and hand out free food samples in your organisations? Not only can it be a fun way to get staff to engage in sustainability but it can also cut down food costs that day for employees who take part.

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