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How to use employee perks to attract the best talent

When you think of 'perks' what springs to mind? You may be surprised that what you as a benefit or talent leader consider a perk, may not be what your future employee does!

Studies have shown that having your own laptop, being able to work from home or even having a fruit bowl in the office is no longer considered a 'perk'!

So, what should and shouldn't you include on your latest job description that will make you stand out from your competitors?

  1. Don't put technology that is required for work down as a perk- if you need it for your job it's probably not a benefit to you personally!

  2. Do put enhanced parental leave down- 6 months blanket cover isn't so unusual now so make sure your offering is competitive

  3. Don't make out your holiday allowance is better than it is. Bank Holidays aren't holidays.

  4. Do talk about location- whether remote, hybrid, in-store, in office, factory or on an oil rig- where the role will be based has a huge impact on unrepresented communities like parents and those with extra needs.

  5. Genuine benefits- If you have PLANTS + PERKS as an employer you should shout about it on your job descriptions! Talk about the discounts, freebies and prizes.

  6. Badges. If you have our Sustainable Employer Badge make sure you display it on your JDs. Gen Zeds will take a pay CUT to work somewhere sustainable so shout about it!

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