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Why every company needs sustainable benefits

Did you know 53% of the UK’s workforce now say sustainability is an important factor in choosing a company to work for according to an Anthesis study?

And that's not just the Gen Z's in early careers- employees up and down the UK are demanding that companies walk the talk when it comes to all things green.

In the past it may have been OK to simply offer a cycle to work scheme to tick a box for a 'green initiative' but with more and more flexible and hybrid workers that won't benefit from the scheme- it won't go far enough.

Thankfully there are solutions on the market. You can now get some great sustainable pension providers to make the most of your employee pension pots as well as upgrading your fleet to electric.

But when it comes to supporting ALL your employees, from those on the factory floors, to those part-time retail workers, it can be tough to find a one-size fits all.

That's why we created PLANTS + PERKS. A sustainable benefit that REWARDS all your employees to live healthier, greener lives and gives them something back during the cost of living crisis.

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