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Product Features

Engaging employees along the sustainability journey

Here at PLANTS + PERKS we are obsessed with engagement. For us it’s about carrot, not stick. Employees that are rewarded for making sustainable changes feel more positive about their employer and are more likely to succeed in reducing their impact on the planet.


We optimise engagement through freebies and perks, healthy competition and prizes your employees will want to win

We educate through supportive and non-judgmental articles, bite-sized facts, quizzes, live events and webinars

We keep your employees inspired by offering them the best new, sustainable products and news

Keep your team motivated



We directly source exclusive discounts, prizes and freebies that your employees will love to make going green even more affordable and fun

“I love that there are perks for both food and sustainable products...I'm very tempted by all the deals!”

— Jay W., Popsockets


Healthy competition

We underpin our technology with points and gamification with clear incentives and motivations for hitting sustainability goals

“I'm quite competitive so I love seeing how many points I can get. The badges are great too, they help me visualise what milestones I’ve reached.”

— Lianne, A., Stella McCartney

Giving back to the planet

Rewarding action with tree planting

Here at PLANTS + PERKS, we want to make sure every action taken on our platform is contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world. We partner with more:trees to plant trees globally in order to sequester CO2 on your employees behalf.

“PLANTS + PERKS aligns with our business vision, and provides us a great platform that’s focused on ethical and sustainable solutions and products for our employees. Would recommend them to any business who’s focus is on being more conscious.”


Help your team learn

Articles, facts + insights

We use bite-sized facts and snackable content to inform employees in a supportive and non-judgmental way

“I like that PLANTS + PERKS is urging me to do the things I know are important for the planet more consistently.”

— Martin P., Lacoste PCL


Events + webinars

We bring the experience to life through live expert-led webinars and cooking demonstrations. To truly inspire change and galvanise teams we also offer product sampling events in your organisation.

"I love learning more about a planet-friendly lifestyle and doing all the fun activities and events on PLANTS + PERKS (cooking classes, inspirational webinars, etc.)"

— Heather D., Popsockets

“Man alive! It was great to see so many questions come through from people. It was brill! You guys rocked though, honestly. Cannot say enough on how amazing it was, thank you loads!”


Keep your team inspired


Sustainable innovation

We introduce new concepts and habit breakers to employees looking for fresh ideas: from innovative foods to sample to the latest product developments.


Our extensive library of planet-friendly recipes make it super simple to make cost-effective, healthy, tasty meals that are kinder to the planet.

“I made my partner the chickpea curry on the platform- he didn’t even miss the chicken and it cost me a lot less”

— Kanishka M., Lacoste PCL


Ready to take the next step?
Speak to the team today about how we can support the cost of living and bring your employees along the sustainability journey.

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